Services and Pricing

 The FDA and State of Texas require a  prescription from an M.D or D.O licensed by the State of Texas Medical  Board in order to receive a colonic.

If  you do not have a colonic friendly doctor, notify me when you call to  make your appointment and we can make arrangements with my medical  director to write one at the time of your visit for an additional fee of  $30. This prescription will remain on file in my office and will be  good for a year.

PLEASE read over the list of contraindications listed on the QUESTIONS page before making your appointment.

PLEASE  respect my 24 hour cancellation policy. If you can not make your  scheduled appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice so I may  fill that time or be prepared to pay the full session fee.

All credit and debit card charges are subject to a 3% transaction fee.

 Cleansing Sessions

Prescription/Dr. Approval                                                           $30

Colon Hydrotherapy - 1 session                                                     $98/card$90/cash
open system, gravity-fed 3 filter Angel of Water equipment                              

                      3 session package                               $275/card $255/cash

                     6 session package                               $510/card $480/cash

 Pain Relief Sessions

Biomat                        1 session                                                $60

FDA approved, far infrared, negative ion, amethyst crystals

SCENAR biofeedback      $95

Speed healing of new injuries, or surgery

re-educate muscle memory to break repetitive pain

Low Level Cold Laser-   1 session                                           $95

FDA approved for myofacial and arthritis pain relief

Balancing Sessions

SHEN EnergyWork        1 session                                            $95

Reset emotional body, relax

 Nutritional Consult/ Health Coaching  1 session                  $95

Review and adjust diet to assist health goals. Phone consults available