Healing  Waters Austin is a  practitioner owned and operated center serving the  community of Austin TX.  At Healing Waters your personal healing journey  is supported, nurtured and encouraged.  Colleen Reilly, the  practitioner of Healing Waters, understands the importance of  approaching all services provided from the complete body-mind-spirit  connection, cleansing, rejuvenating and returning the 'whole self' to an  improved state of being.

Colleen  Reilly became a certified colon hydrotherapist in 1999 (I-ACT and NBCHT  certified), and is also a certified SCENAR biofeedback practitioner as  well as SHEN Energywork practitioner, Low Level Laser technician and Applied Clinical Nutritionist.


 As a young girl, Colleen Reilly was intrigued by the  idea of finding cures for disease.  She planned on becoming a doctor and  research scientist.  This goal was put aside to raise a family of four  incredible children.  During these years she became involved in diet,  nutrition and alternative health care. 


 When time allowed for a new chapter to be started,  her old goal took a turn after coming across a statement in a  book..."disease in most cases can not start without toxins in the  body...therefore..why not try to prevent disease before it starts with  preventative practices ..."  Further research and her life learning and  experiences led her to train and certify in several modalities to  support others in their efforts to reclaim their birthright of a  vibrant, balanced body, mind and spirit.